College Smart Radio – Tackling the Runaway Costs of College is pleased to provide these helpful links that can guide you in the college planning process.

College Smart Radio

  1. Westface College Planning
  2. The College Board
  3. Free Application for Federal Student Aid
  4. U.S. Department of Education
  5. College Smart Radio Blog
  6. Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE)                          
  7. CSU 2012-13 Governor’s Budget                                                 
  8. U.S. News: College With Most Expensive Room and Board            
  9. Your College Career Center                         
  10. LEAP2Success                                                         
  11. BookCheetah                                                                   
  12. PossibilityU                                                                 !/
  13. College and Retirement – You CAN Do Both!                                  
  14. Redwood City Education Foundation (RCEF)                                            
  15. The C Students Guide to Scholarships                                        
  16. The Secrets of College Success                                 
  17. CSS Profile                                                  
  18. Private Loan Marketplace                                      
  19. College Search Strategies – helping you solve the college puzzle                     
  20. Private College 529 Plan – Tomorrow’s Tuition at Today’s Prices
  21. Give Teens 20                                                                                    
  22. Karen Waggoner, Davis Realtor                                                      
  23. Eddie LaMeire, LaMeire College Consulting
  24. Zorina Matavulj, College and Career Advisor, Woodside High School
  25. Carol Jones, Toward College Success – Is Your Teenager Ready Willing and Able?       
  26. Beth Harrison, Executive Director, Peninsula Writing and Literature Programs
  27. New Common App Questions                               
  28. U.S. News College Rankings & Lists
  29. Market Watch Payback Score                                                      
  30. StraighterLine                                                                 
  31. SoFi Connecting Student borrowers with Alumni                   
  32. NerdScholar                                                                       
  33. Sewanee: The University of The South                               
  34. Campus Slice                                                                
  35. Harriet Katz, Creative Kid College Coach                                
  36. Strategic National Arts Alumni Project (SNAAP)                  
  37. Mitch D. Weiss, University of Hartford, Barney School of Business, Author of…     Life Happens – A practical Guide to Personal Finance from College to Career – 2nd Edition
  38. College Affordability and Transparency Center                     
  39. Upromise                                                                            
  40. Sallie Mae’s study                                                                                                  How America Saves For College 2013
  41. Advocates for Athletes                                                
  43. FinAid Loan Calculator                                                                                 
  44. Federal Student Aid                                                                          
  45. College Countdown                                                  
  46. San Mateo County Community College District                           
  47. CSU “A Degree with a Guarantee”         
  48. Student Aid College Cost and Planning Report
  49. Online Tax Planning Service                                        
  50. Merrill Edge College Savings Resources    
  51. Merrill Edge Report Spring 2013                      
  52. Merrill Edge Report Insights on the Rising Cost of College Education
  53. Federal Student Aid (U.S. Department of Education)           
  54. 2013 College Acceptance Rates
  55. Early Decision at Duke University
  56. Accredible                                                                      
  57. AAUW Morgan Hill Branch                                                                                   
  58. News stories about the spending habits of families and government                  
  59. Cheap textbook outlets                                                    
  60. Learning Enrichment and Assistance Program                                                    
  61. Official College Board Practice SAT Test                                              
  62. Practice SAT tests                                                 
  63. Practice ACT tests                                                   
  64. Official ACT Practice Test                                            
  65. Excellence For College                                                                   
  66. Student Scholarship Search                                                                         
  67. Fast Web                                                                                  
  68. My Job Chart                                                         
  69. Kid in the Couch (book written by Gregg Murset)
  70. Millennials Struggle with Financial Literacy (USA Today Article)
  71. Why We Want—But Can’t Have—Personal Finance in Schools (Time Article)
  72. Class of 2013 Grads Average $35,200 in Total Debt (CNN Article)
  73. Education Panel Focuses on ‘Democratizing Digital Learning’ (Harris Interactive)
  74. What Will They Learn Website                         
  75. What Will They Learn 2013-2014 Report (PDF)
  76. Collegefeed                                                            
  77. Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2013-2014
  78. Tuition costs of colleges and universities          
  79. College Abroad by Holly Oberle                     
  80. uJourney                                                                                               
  81. Do SAT Tutors Add Up? (Forbes Article)
  82. A Way With Words Radio Program                          
  83. Professor Word                                                   
  84. SAT Question of the Day                             
  85. ACT Question of the Day                                               
  86. PWN the SAT                                                              
  87. Knerr Learning Center
  88. Official SAT Study Guide Purchase (Barnes and Nobles)
  89. The Real ACT Prep Guide Purchase (Barnes and Nobles)
  90. Mobile App Seeks to Offset Record-Low SAT Scores (Huffington Post Article)
  91. Perfect Score Project                                           
  92. Tips on prepping for college entrance exams ( article)
  93. Test Anxiety (Ideastream audio recording)
  94. QuotEd Reading Comprehension Video (Youtube)
  95. Consumer bureau: Too few use loan forgiveness (Yahoo Article)
  96. Student Debt Relief – Public Service Loan Forgiveness
  97. Student Debt Relief – Teacher Loan Forgiveness
  98. Student Debt Relief – Student Loan Repayment Options
  99. Technology and the College Generation (New York Times Article)
  100. Here’s Where Teens Are Going Instead Of Facebook (Forbes Article)
  101. Campus Quad                                                           
  102. College students say no to costly textbooks (USA Today Article)
  103. Back to school statistics (National Center for Education Statistics)                    
  105. College Planning Relief
  107. CandidCareer

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