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College Smart Radio – Tackling the Runaway Costs of College offers a wealth of information in the realm of paying for college.  Listen to our podcasts–where we speak with higher education experts, officials and a variety of other guests–to begin your college planning journey.

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An Inside Look at Admissions That Make or Break Student Acceptance with guest Philip Betz, Director of Admissions at Monmouth College.

Becoming an “Angular” Student with guest Lisa Bleich, College Bound Mentor.

Is It Really Impossible to Get into College These Days? with guest Christine VanDeVelde, co-author of the book ‘College Admission: From Application to Acceptance.’

Early Decision / Early Action: Pros & Cons with guest Eddie Lameire of LaMeire College Consulting.

The Importance of Writing a Strong College Essay with guest Beth Harrison, Executive Director of Peninsula Writing and Literature Programs/Peninsula Young Writers.

CSS Profile Application for Private College Grant Money (Part 1Part 2) What it is, Who needs to complete it & Why.

What is an Extracurricular Activities Profile & Why Do You Need One? with guest Eddie LaMeire, an independent college consultant and the owner of LaMeire College Consulting.

Community Involvement = College Success (Part 1Part 2) with guest Jo-Ann “Sockolov” Byrne, Executive Director of the Redwood City Education Foundation & Candidate for Trustee, San Mateo County Board of Education, District 7.

Advising & Counseling

The Value of Hiring an Independent College Counselor with guest Nancy Wigley an Independent College Counselor and owner of College Search Strategies.

College Coaching for the Creative Kid with guest Harriet Katz, owner of Creative Kid College Coach.

Utilize your High School College Advisor with guest Zorina Matavulj, Woodside High School, College and Career Advisor.

Campus Life

Campus Quad: Transforming How University Students and Administrators Connect and Communicate on Campus with guest Frances Cairns, founder of Campus Quad.

A New Age of Gift-Giving: Lightening the Load for College Students with guest Simona Hodek Martin, Head of Yiftee’s Business, Marketing & PR.

College to Career

Taking your Fit 2 Flourish to the Next Step with guests Lisa Mader, President of LEAP (Learning Enrichment and Assistance Program, LLC) and Neilye Garrity, Co-Founder of

What Every Student – and Their Parents – Need to Know About Success After College with guest Alfred Poor, Professional Speaker and author of “7 Success Secrets That Every College Student Needs to Know!”

Avoiding ‘The Twilight Zone’ from College to Career with guest Jeff Cameron, President at uJourney.

A Social Network Designed Solely to Help College Students and New Grads to Get Hired with guest Sanjeev Agrawal, CEO of Collegefeed.

Career Selection: An Investment for College Savings (Part 1 – Part 2with guest Lisa Mader of LEAP 2Success.

LEAP Fit 2 Flourish: Birkman Method® College Coaching & Consultation with guest Lisa Mader, President of LEAP (Learning Enrichment and Assistance Program, LLC).

GiveTeens20: Tools for Career Decisions with guest Kathy Laidlaw, founder of Give Teens 20, a charity working to provide resources for making educated, thoughtful choices in school and career direction.

Unemployed Grads: What to Do About It? (Part 1Part 2) with guest Don Philabaum, author of the book The Unemployed Grad, and What Parents Can Do About It!

College Planning - General

When, Where and How to Start Planning for College with guest Lynn O’Shaughnessy, College Expert, Author & Consultant.

What Will They Learn? A Guide to What College Rankings Don’t Tell… with guest Michael Poliakoff, VP of Policy for the American Council of Trustees and Alumni.

Non-Profit vs. For-Profit Colleges: Which school is the best choice for your educational goals and your bank account? with guest Dr. Neal King, President of Sofia University.

What You Need to Know and Do About Paying for College: Six Essential Tips with guest Mark Kantrowitz, a nationally-recognized expert on student financial aid, scholarships and student loans.

What’s the College Game Plan for Your Student Athlete? with guest Steve Britschgi, President of Advocates for Athletes, LLC.

College Financial Planner – Why You Should Work With One (Part 1Part 2) with guest Scott Moffitt, co-founder, President and CEO of Summit Financial Group, Inc. and College Planning Relief, leading planner in the field of short-term college planning and author of College and Retirement – You CAN Do Both!

Is College Worth It? with guest Sheryl Marshall, financial correspondent on Boston’s NPR station, WGBH radio.

Right College, Right Price with guest Frank Palmasani, author of “Right College, Right Price” and creator of the Financial Fit™ program.


Everything You Wanted to Know about an MBA Degree, But Were Too Afraid to Ask! with guest Nirav Mehta, Associate Director at the University of Michigan.

Competency Based Education: Revolutionizing higher education by providing degrees based on mastering core competencies with guest Gary Brahm, Chancellor at Brandman University.


Low-cost Alternatives for Students to Take College Courses Online with guest Burck Smith, CEO of StraighterLine.

Online Learning vs. Traditional Education: What’s Right for You? with guest Andy Vaughn, CEO & President of Trident University.

MOOCs: Making Self-Education Credible with guests Danny King and Alan Heppenstall, education technology entrepreneurs and co-founders of Accredible.

Financial Aid

An Affordable Option for Low-Income Students to Obtain a High-Quality Degree with guest Lyle Roelofs, President of Berea College.

Go to College in the West for Less! with guest Margo Colalancia, Director of Student Exchanges at WICHE.

FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) – Why Every Student Should Apply (Part 1Part 2) Don’t make the mistake of thinking filling out the FAFSA is not worth your time.

It’s Never Too Early! Start Creating Your Financial Future Now! with guest Ja’Net Adams, Professional Speaker at DreamGirl.

How Does Financial Aid Really Work? with guest Denata Williams, past financial aid recipient & current Financial Aid Advisor at Albany State University.

Applying for College Financial Aid Is Not As Scary As The Monster Under Your Bed with guest Sam Collie, Senior Consultant, Evans Consulting Group and 20+ year college financial aid expert.

Searching Schools with Merit Aid in Mind (Part 1Part 2) with guest Betsy Peters the founder of PossibilityU.

Using Net Price Calculators to Estimate and Compare Aid Estimates with guest Mary A. C. Fallon, Communications Consultant, Student Aid Services, Inc.


Professor’s Perspective: Tips to Make Sure Your Student Graduates in 4 Years (Part 1Part 2) with guest Professor Jeremy S Hyman co-author of the book The Secrets of College Success.

Real Estate

Buying Real Estate in Davis for Your UC Davis Student with guest Karen Waggoner, a realtor who specializes in properties in the Davis-Sacramento region.

Buying Real Estate Property for Your College Student – Things to consider before jumping into the market.

Saving for College

Where Should I be Saving for College? – Part 1  What are the factors and features that should be considered when deciding where to save the college funds?

Where Should I be Saving for College? – Part 2  Is a 529 the best college savings plan for your family?  Will you be better off with an UGMA or Cash Value Whole Life Insurance?  We will discuss the factors you should consider when comparing the different ways to save your college funds.

Ways to Save Money at College with guest Jeremy S. Hyman, coauthor of The Secrets of College Success: Over 800 Tips, Techniques, and Strategies Revealed, 2nd Edition.

Merrill Edge Report – Trends in Saving Money for College with guest Wesley Gunter, Merrill Edge Financial Solutions Advisor.

Tips for Talking to Students About Financial Matters & Building Responsibility with guest Gregg Murset, CEO of My Job Chart.

Teaching Financial Literacy in College: A Critical Aspect to Education with guest Rob Labreche, CEO of iGrad.

‘Would You Rather…?’  A Text Messaging Campaign on a Mission to Help Students Manage Their Money with guest Farah Sheikh, Education Campaign Specialist at

Secrets for Cutting the Cost of College with guest Dr. Mary Hawkins, President of Bellevue University.

4 Years of College for the Price of 3 with guest Mitch Weiss, the author of College Happens: A Practical Handbook for Parents and Students, Life Happens: A Practical Guide to Personal Finance from College to Career.

Connect with Your Network to Gain Financial Support Without Applying for Burdening Loans with guest Tony Aguilar, Founder of Campus Slice.

Savings Programs

529 Plans What you should know about utilizing Section 529 Plans to save for college.

A Cash-Back College Savings Program with guest Erin Condon, Vice President, Upromise by Sallie Mae.

Connecting Borrowers & Alumni Investors with SoFi with guest Daniel Macklin, SoFi Co-Founder & VP of Alumni Relationships.

College Savings Accumulation in a Cash Value Life Insurance Policy (Part 1Part 2) with guest Don Blanton, Founder & President of Moneytrax, a software and training company that helps financial professionals communicate financial concept to their clients.


Community Support for Local Scholarships with guest Peggy Martin, board member of AAUW Morgan Hill.

NerdScholar: An Unbiased Resource to Help Students Find Scholarships & Navigate their Financial Aid with guest Joseph Audette, VP of Education at NerdScholar.

The “C” Student’s Guide to Scholarships (Part 1Part 2) with guest Felecia Hatcher, a social entrepreneur and author of the book The “C” Students Guide to Scholarships: A creative guide to finding scholarships when your grades suck and your parents are broke.

Student Loans

Everything You Need to Know about the New Government Student Loan Program with guest Bill Fay of

Student Loans – How Much DoThey Really Cost? We run the numbers for you.

The Private Student Loan Marketplace (Part 1Part 2) How should you shop for the right private student loan? with guest Lloyd Leanse, Managing Director of Prager & Co.

Loan Forgiveness & Income Based Repayment Programs: How Do They Work? with guest Spiros Mitsis of

Studying Abroad

Save Money by Studying Abroad with guest Holly Oberle, author of College Abroad.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Study Abroad Experience with guest Hannah Cutbirth, Texas A&M college student.


Tax Advantaged College Strategies with guest Jodi Eramo, CPA, CCPRS with College Planning Relief® (CPR).

Base Year Tax Planning Strategies (Part 1Part 2) with guest Jodi Eramo, CPA, CCPRS with College Planning Relief® (CPR).

Education Tax Breaks: Tips from a Tax Nerd with guest Mitchell Fox, a Tax Nerd and the Co-Founder of GoodApril.

Test Prep

SAT and ACT Prep Matter, But Don’t Have to Break the Bank with guest Kreigh Knerr, founder of QuotEd.

A Crash Course in Standardized Testing: Preparation & Tutoring with guest Shawn O’Connor, Founder and President of StratusPrep.

The SAT, ACT or Both? with guest Amy Martin Rodriguez, PhD, owner Excellence for College.

Nuts & Bolts of the SAT with guest Eddie LaMeire, the owner of LaMeire College Consulting.


Combating the Rising Expense of College Textbooks with a No Cost, Efficient Search Engine with guests Rob Parrish and Craig Nowotny, co-founders of Gremlin Books.

Student-to-Student Textbook Exchange (Part 1Part 2) with guest Dan Johnson, the Chair of the Economics and Business Department at Colorado College, and Founder and CEO of BookCheetah.


Vertical Integration of Education: High School, Community College & 4 Year Colleges with guest Ron Galatolo, Chancellor, San Mateo County Community College District.

Is Your Teenager Ready, Willing and Able? with guest Carol Jones a freelance writer/editor the author of the book Toward College Success – Is Your Teenager Ready, Willing and Able?


The Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) – How does this tuition program work and who qualifies?

Prepaid Tuition Plans (Part 1Part 2) with guest Lloyd Leanse, Managing Director of Prager & Co. and member of the board of directors of Tuition Plan Consortium, LLC.

Sewanee vs. Increasing Tuition Trend with guest guest John McCardell Jr., president and vice chancellor of The University of the South in Sewanee, TN. Sewanee is a college that has been cutting its sticker price by 10 percent for several years and has frozen its costs for students entering for the four years they are enrolled.


End Homework Stress with with guest Mandy Ginsberg, CEO at

What topics would you like to hear covered on College Smart Radio? We’d love to hear from you!

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