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Tutor.com Logo“I hate this!  I’ll never finish this homework!  I give up!”

Sound familiar? If your child’s Algebra homework (or Chemistry or Calculus, or…) is keeping you up all night, you are not alone.  A recent survey found that almost 50% of parents can’t help their kids with homework because they don’t know the material.  That’s no surprise.  Many subjects are taught differently today and let’s face it most parents haven’t sat in a classroom looking at equations for 20 years.

Don’t stress.  Help is available and it can bring peace back to your house. Almost 30% of middle school and high school students use a tutor at some point to keep their grades up, build confidence and work on their study skills.  There are many tutoring options available to students from small group sessions at tutoring centers to tutors who come to your house and online tutoring that you can access anytime.

Tutor.com has completed 10 million tutoring and homework help sessions online over the last decade.  If you’re thinking about hiring a tutor, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Get Help Early:  Tutor.com surveyed 500 of their math tutors and found that the number one reason students are struggling is because they missed an earlier concept in class. Students fall behind, get frustrated and sometimes give up. Getting help earlier keeps students on track with their class. Often, just a few sessions with a tutor can get great results and keeps the cost down too.

Get Help on Your Schedule: Parents and students are busier than ever before. Work, sports, and other activities keep your child going all day long. Students walk in the door exhausted and the last thing they want is to sit down with a tutor for an hour.  Find a tutor who has flexible hours to meet the needs of your child and your family.  Online tutoring solves this problem by being available 24/7.

Pick the Right Tutor: Here’s what parents should look for in a tutor: passionate about teaching and connecting to your child; experienced in the subject your child needs help in; teaches your child the concepts they need so that they can do the next problem on their own.  Your child should have a good connection with the tutor and feel comfortable working with him/her.

Make Sure it Works: Parents and students often use tutoring to improve grades. If you work with a tutor in your home, make sure you build in time to review your child’s progress with the tutor. Online tutoring captures every tutoring session and emails it to your inbox so you can review your child’s work.

Time to Go Online:  When your child is melting down about algebra homework at 9:30 p.m. and you can’t help it feels awful!  Online tutoring is a great solution since it is available 24/7.  Your child can connect to an experienced tutor who can help teach the concept and the peace in your house.

Once you have selected a tutoring option that works best for your child and your family, check in with your child to see how they are feeling.  And take note of their behavior.  Does homework time seem less stressful?  Do they complain less about school and the subject they are getting help in?   Beyond grades and completed homework assignments, this lets you know that the help is working.  Need more information about tutoring and homework help?  Go to www.tutor.com.

Mandy Ginsberg is the CEO of Tutor.com which helps 6,000 students a night by connecting them to a great tutor online.  She is also the proud mom of two daughters; her 15 year old uses Tutor.com for Algebra II and Chemistry.

This post was provided by Mandy Ginsberg, CEO of Tutor.com, who was a guest on College Smart Radio “Tackling the Runaway Costs of College” on February 15th, 2014.  Listen to this broadcast on YouTube here.

Photo Credit: EdTechTimes