Campus Quad: Transforming How University Students and Administrators Connect and Communicate on Campus

If you ask college students from across the U.S. how they got involved in their campus community, a common theme emerges – it was chaotic and difficult.  Many will cite resources such as list-serves, campus posters, word-of-mouth and Facebook and they will also describe them all as noisy, impersonal and ineffective.

We created Campus Quad with one core mission – to deliver a transformative mobile communication network designed exclusively for colleges to help students engage in campus life and navigate a more meaningful path to graduation.

Today, on nearly all of our college campuses, there is a major communication gap between students and the administration.  Students arrive at school fully immersed in an app-driven mobile world of texting, photo sharing and location-based services.  So it shouldn’t be a surprise that they’re shocked and disappointed to discover their college is still using paper posters, 30-year old list-serves and external social media channels flooded with mass amounts of information that hold no relevancy to their campus life.  Universities also tend to rely heavily on email as the major avenue of campus-to-student communication.  This, too, is a dead-end as students simply don’t use email so valuable campus information languishes untouched.  This gap will continue to widen as the generation raised on mobile hits colleges this year and next.

From a business perspective, the college mobile engagement market is ripe for innovation, particularly within the mobile enterprise sector.  Sure, universities can use popular social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, however, these platforms are not private and perhaps even more important, the rich and meaningful engagement data remains locked in the proprietary “black box” owned by those corporations.

This is where Campus Quad solves a real and universal pain point.  It connects students and administration in real-time with a mobile communication network that resonates with the “always connected” lifestyle that students have become accustomed to and are highly proficient with using.  In essence, we help universities speak the social mobile language of the generation they serve and give them a critical lens – both macro and micro — into their student body.  Campus Quad is the first mobile communication network that collects ancillary engagement data then returns that information in useful analytic dashboards that enable universities to assess and measure students’ engagement and experience.  It has become invaluable in helping universities improve and enhance student resources and services.

Students get started on Campus Quad simply by creating an individual profile on their smartphone and joining their university’s exclusive Campus Quad community.  This allows them to instantly see and tap into what’s happening around them by selecting student leaders, clubs, campus services and campus organizations they would like to “follow.”  An “Explore” feed also displays all campus event flyers and photo streams by time and location so students can easily discover new avenues of interest, too. The benefit to the students is immediate as they have the pulse of the university community in the palm of their hand.

Staff, administrators and faculty are equally excited about Campus Quad.  Even the most established campuses share one common challenge — the struggle to connect and communicate with students about campus resources, events and important academic deadlines. Campus Quad provides one unified communication platform to reach students instantly and directly on their mobile phone.  From content creation and mobile delivery, to broadcasting to campus websites and external social media channels, Campus Quad allows administrators to access student engagement data via a web-based dashboard and summarize essential information at-a-glance.

Campus Quad welcomes the listeners of College Smart Radio to visit us at  Whether you are a student or campus administrator, Campus Quad can increase student engagement on your campus.

This post was provided by Frances Cairns, the Founder and CEO of Campus Quad, who was a guest on College Smart Radio “Tackling the Runaway Costs of College” on January 4th, 2014.  Listen to this broadcast on YouTube here.

Photo Credit: Campus Quad

2 thoughts on “Campus Quad: Transforming How University Students and Administrators Connect and Communicate on Campus

  1. Student staff communication is something important and this is the beginning point of any misunderstanding issue. When there is “clear as water” communication between both issues are reduced.

    To maintain smooth going management I use a software platform, which creates an online platform for communication between a staff, student and an administrator. Its GreenGurukul – school management system

  2. I think that creating a transformative mobile communication network for students and the administration was a great idea! Today we have a lot of social networks and websites but this kinf of project is really helpful!For example, I had to do a lot of research to write my essay and finally i got this site,, and a lot of helpful tips! If only I knew that my coursemate has already found this website! I wish my college create a network for students so that they could chat and exchange information!

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