Yiftee: A New Age of Gift-Giving

Hands holding a white gift box with red ribbon
As tuition inflates over the years, college students frequently flee to other states in order to avoid insanely high tuition and fees.  While your child studies elsewhere, you are left to deal with online shopping for their birthday, holiday and ‘just because’ gifts.

Then you have to deal with the inevitable drawbacks:

  • High shipping costs
  • Prolonged time from warehouse to their front door (sometimes weeks!)
  • Damaged goods
  • Deceiving or vague description of the product
  • Numerous shipping errors which may prevent the package from even arriving

For a process that’s supposedly efficient, many consumers get a bum deal.

What if you could avoid the hassle and order gifts directly from your smartphone to be picked up by your hardworking student?

Yiftee enables you to do just that.

Via iPhone or Andriod, all you need to do is download the free Yiftee app (or pull up the Yiftee website), select an item from 2 million merchants, designate the receiver and send the gift.

Think of it as the ultimate gift card service.  Whether you send your child $10 toward a fresh lunch at their favorite restaurant or enough to cover a moist red velvet cake to celebrate the end of finals, you’ll never have to worry about stale food crammed in shipping boxes.

Simona Hodek Martin directs Yiftee’s Campus Care Package Program.  Originating from Prague, Czech Republic, Simona migrated to the U.S. and eventually earned a B.S. in Engineering from Santa Clara University.  After 13 years in High Tech some of which was spent overseas, she returned to the U.S., ready to delve into non-profit organizations for another nine years.  She joined Yiftee in 2013.

As the glue that binds the program, Simona also oversees the student campus ambassadors. These students represent Yiftee and recruit new merchants near the colleges.  They work part time and with flexible hours that they tailor to their busy schedules.

Through the Campus Care Package program you simply select your student’s college then select one of the many local businesses nearby.  Yiftee prides itself on providing these additional benefits:

  • Instant, convenient purchase and delivery.
  • Refundable within 90 days and tracking of delivery and redemption.
  • Easy selection of giftee (recipient) via Facebook, text or email contacts.
  • Eco-friendly: no wrapping, packaging printing or even jet fuel.
  • Supports local businesses.
  • Brings smiles with every gift given and received.

How many online gifting companies can promise all that?

Students have enough school-related stress weighing them down:  term papers, squeezed deadlines, lack of sleep… They’ll be forever grateful for any temporary escape.  This may arise in merely a cup of blended coffee to jump start their day.  However small, they’ll appreciate the thought.

Parents are missing their child, wishing they can do something for them to make life more easy and let them know they are thinking about them.  Yiftee gives parents the opportunity to connect, lift their child’s spirits and remind them that every new day presents a thousand opportunities to succeed.  An e-gift may is a way to do just that.

Simona Hodek Martin, head of Yiftee’s marketing and PR, was a guest on “College Smart Radio “Tackling the Runaway Costs of College” on November 16th, 2013.  Listen to this broadcast on YouTube here.

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