Advocates For Athletes – Helping Student Athletes Realize Their Dreams

What we do & how we do it, separates us from the rest.

What's your Student Athlete's College Game Plan?

What’s your Student Athlete’s College Game Plan?

  • We are local.
  • We are hands-on.
  • We coach.
  • We educate.
  • We guide.
  • We care!

A4A is different in that we provide a one-on-one, personal approach. We develop a personalized game plan and coach student athletes on the best way to handle the planning and execution of finding the best academic, athletic and social fit. A4A will also help them understand all of the athletic, academic, and financial opportunities available.

Where do you turn? How do you begin? Who do you talk to?

Unless there are college coaches banging down an athlete’s door or even if they are receiving some interest, the college recruiting process can be a very frustrating one. We have found that it is difficult to answer these questions, but through our experience, contacts, extensive research, and proven results, we know that A4A can help.

Established in the Bay Area in 2010, A4A has been working with athletes in 12 different sports and has been welcomed into many local high schools as a recruiting resource for their athletes. One of our many highlights of this past year was having 6 of our football athletes playing against each other in the St. Francis vs. Palo Alto CCS Open Division Semi-Finals.

Advocates for Athletes (A4A) is a local, hands-on consulting and coaching business created to help educate and guide student athletes and their families in their pursuit of a college scholarship and/or admission to a school of their choice because of their sport.

Steve Britschgi, President of Advocates for Athletes, LLC. was a guest on College Smart Radio “Tackling the Runaway Costs of College” on May 25th, 2013.  Listen to this broadcast on YouTube here.

Photo Credit: Marnie Stratford

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