GiveTeens20 – Tools for Career Decisions

GiveTeens20 starts with a three-step system that will give students a general direction of where to go.

GiveTeens20 starts with a three-step system that will give students a general direction of where to go.

College Smart Radio has discussed the importance of focusing on career choice, before choosing a major and only choosing a college, or selection of colleges, after your student has a clear path for his or her career choice. Many kids do this backwards and end up in a college that is not good fit for any assortment of reasons. Maybe they don’t like the actual college, sometimes they don’t like the courses they are taking and often they worry that college courses are not leading to the career that will really interest them. In all these cases, it can take a toll both emotionally and financially to figure out the right choices. It is never too late to change directions, even as an adult, but wouldn’t it be great to introduce your kids to resources that they can use today to help guide them to their tomorrow?

GiveTeens20 is a program that could do just that. GiveTeens20 is a non-profit charity working to provide resources to young adults for making educated, thoughtful choices in their school and career. The program provides tools to students for self-assessment, resource links and interviews that will familiarize students with the requirements, skill set and education needed for all job titles.

GiveTeens20 starts with a three-step system that will give students a general direction of where to go:

  1. Students answer 10 questions then take a self-assessment test to determine the direction they should be looking at.
  2. Research jobs that sound like fun through videos and websites.
  3. Figure out what their non-negotiable things are personally and professionally.
    1. What I’m not willing to live with
    2. What I’m not willing to live without

Once the student has a general direction of what they may want to do, it’s time to interview someone operating successfully in the job the student is interested in. This gives the student an opportunity to really learn more about the career path and see if it could be the right fit for them.

The student also gets the opportunity to make an action plan. Within this action plan, GiveTeens20 will teach the student how to prep for an interview, how to sell themselves with a resume, references and presentation. And finally, it teaches them how to get out there and try it for themselves. These are all helpful tools that sometimes get lost in the mix when trying to get into college. GiveTeens20 provides students with the chance at really thinking about what may come after high school.

Listen to this broadcast on YouTube here.

About Kathy Laidlaw
Kathy Laidlaw is a parent of a recent high school graduate. In 2006 she started volunteer teaching career prep and interview skills in local high schools at the invitation of a health teacher. Her passion for the program lead her to found GiveTeens20, to learn more about the program or try it out for yourself, visit

Photo Credit: Tulane Public Relations

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