Textbooks Like They Should Be: Student-to-Student

BookCheetah is making budget-saving dreams a reality

The largest complaint from college students isn’t always aimed at skyrocketing tuition fees per se — universities have great methods of justifying those increases. What frustrates them is the amount of money they have to shell out in buying required textbooks: overpriced literature that is useful only for that semester and nets almost no cash back at the end. UGH.

BookCheetah is making budget-saving dreams a reality. Founded by well-known Colorado College Professor Daniel Johnson, the company aims to help these kids by facilitating textbook sales on campus directly between students.

They connect college students who have books they won’t use anymore with those who need them. They charge a small fee (like a dollar or so) for it, but won’t be meddling with the transaction whatsoever. They only act as a bridge and the seller sets the price. It’s all student-to-student: how it always should be.

What’s more is that they allot a portion of their service fee to give to a charity of their choice: the Cheetah Conservation Fund, Teach For America or the student government of their school.

No more complaints about pricey books, just more students reading and learning and growing. BookCheetah is local, green (no shipping!), fast and cheap; all that good stuff. Go to BookCheetah.com to sign up for an account and start searching for books on campus.

BookCheetah is currently hiring interns across the country to help spread the word. Students can learn more and apply on the website: http://bookcheetah.com/internship.

This post was provided by Dan Johnson, the Chair of the Economics and Business Department at Colorado College and the Founder and CEO of BookCheetah, who was a guest on College Smart Radio on October 6th, 2012.

Listen to this broadcast on YouTube: Part 1Part 2.

Photo Credit: ekelly89

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